Renting out your boat, with you as the captain

Share your experience with friends, family or colleagues? A fantastic idea. And you can guarantee a safe journey by taking out the right insurance. You need to insure not only the boat, but yourself as the captain. And the same goes for your crew.
On your behalf, we will compare the different companies and seek out the right insurance for everyone on board. We'll find the most competitively priced premium for you, and the most favourable liability conditions. For you as the captain as well as your crew.

Flexible solutions

Our insurance policies can cover any risk. You'll never be faced with surprises. All of the insurance is coordinated as a package, can be adapted any time and is constantly updated. We'll offer you a customised proposal. That goes without saying.

Do you have any questions or would you like a quote for your yacht? Our experts would be happy to help.

“A splendid sea. A stiff breeze. Your friends and family and your yacht. Together with the right insurance, these are the ingredients for a beautiful day.”